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JRC Ukraine Humanitarian Aid

With several close connections living in Romania witnessing first-hand the devastating affect the Russian Invasion was having on the people of Ukraine we put out an appeal to collect humanitarian aid to send to Ukraine. Posted on Facebook to friends and family we were hoping to receive enough to fill one of our vans. The response we received was phenomenal and within two weeks our warehouse was full. We were overwhelmed by the generosity and due to the volume of aid we had to arrange alternative transport. Step forward Ryan and Paul Fuller from Facilities by ADF they were allowed to use their company truck to help us deliver the aid.

They left Portsmouth on the 19/03 and first stop was Volovat in Romania where approx. 6 tonnes of aid was unloaded at two refugee centres. From here the aid was split in to smaller vehicles and has been driven across the border into Ukraine.

We are very grateful for all the donations we received and all the volunteers who have sorted, packaged, transported and hand delivered the aid. We wish to thank the following

BINNS Fencing

Glacier Engineering


Hopscotch Day Nursery

Elson Junior School

Fareham Borough Council and the residents of Fareham Borough Council

ARC fire and security

David Cover and Sons Gosport Branch


Mitie FM

Howdens Gosport Branch

The Range Gosport Branch

Sarah Louise and the customers of Locksheath Shopping Village

Lane and Peach Conservatories

RCJ Vehicle Repairs

Residents of Helmdon Village

Staff from Ranvilles Infant School

Residents of Castle Road Southsea

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